I would appreciate your input as a congregation.  I am considering proposing a name change for the 10.45 service to the Commission on Worship.  Currently we call it THE CONTEMPORARY SERVICE to distinguish it’s from our other Sunday morning gathering, THE TRADITIONAL SERVICE.

The problem with the current name is that it really communicates nothing about the service’s purpose.  For example, it’s not particularly a contemporary service. It’s simply more contemporary than our other alternative on Sunday morning.  Most people under the age of 35 could tell you it’s not contemporary for 2011, although they generally appreciate the effort.

Worship services are better served by names that state their purpose or vision.  That’s why simply calling it the 10.45 service is a little weak. It simply says our purpose is to have a service at that hour.  Our Wednesday evening youth worship service is called Burn because it’s purpose is to help people’s hearts burn for God.

The name I am thinking about is New Creation.  It is our goal to help our worshipers live as the New Creation Christ has redeemed them to be.  This service particularly focuses on new Christians, people who have no strong traditions in the Christ faith, and people who are seeking to live daily as Christ’s disciples.

What do you think?  Is it worth changing the name?  Especially if you attend the 10.45 service, is this a good name or do you have an even better one to suggest.  Post a comment to the blog or email me at



  1. Dr Steve

    In response to your changing the contemporary service to “New Creation.” My vote would be,
    not worth changing.
    Although I am an 8:15 attender, I also am seeking to live daily as Christ’s disciple. The keyword to both worship services, and the most powerful is, in my estimation, “worship”.
    Thanks for listening,
    In His Love,
    Lynda Fry

    • Linda,
      Thank you for your comment. I also received a comment from another 10.45 attender who basically said the same thing I think the key is exactly what you said, to live daily as Christ’s disciple. This is very different from going to church, or simply attending a worship service or having your name on a membership role. It is a total lifestyle living daily according to the will and purposes of God – and worship in a crucial part of that. – Dr Steve

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